As part of his scheme for Higher Education, Research and Innovation 2014-2020, the Pays de la Loire wished to support the development of ten major themes of its territory (digital, green navy energies, tourism, ...) giving the favor to integrated approaches Research - Training - Innovation (RFI). Le Mans Acoustique is the first consortium getting involved in this process and wished to leverage its visibility on the net with a new website.

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Beyond a graphic rework in deep linked to the creation of a new visual chart, LMAC had to gather contents from two separate websites: a corporate website presenting the activities of the consortium and another one introducing to a mainstream audience the areas of applications and the acoustic professions.. The challenge was to bring all these disparate content within LMAC new website and to create a global visual and textual consistency. 

The other issue was to create a second entry level, in addition to the thematic one, as the consortium wanted to offer a second reading by profile: student, researcher, business or just curious (mainstream).